Saturday, 12 May 2012

Now that's what I call Entertainment!

Every year Simon Cowell and his minions drag out all the Middle Earth occupiers to take part in yet another edition of his 'Britain's got Talent' show.

This year was no different from many of it's previous incarnations....we had all the freaks in the build up rounds, who's parents and 'friends' tell them that they have some kind of talent, and yes, they think they would be amazing....when in actual fact they suck the big one...and are basically put on our magic picture boxes for us to point and laugh at. Very similar to what we used to do in the circus many years ago.

This is Saturday night telly as we know it now's kind of changed since Bruce Forsyth, Noel Edmonds and Marti Caine was the main stay on our boxes. Do you know what though, I don't mind watching this stuff. I tend to like anything that the magic picture box churns out, because I grew up with the television box being my third was there for me at the flick of a switch, and I kind of love it for just being there...and providing me with entertainment.

Now, I've watched some of this current series...and yes we've had the freaks of nature....but do you know what...this show always finds diamonds in the rough. Susan Boyle being a prime example.....I was one of the millions who said those immortal words when she stepped out onto that stage...'what the f**k is that'? Yes, we all mocked her appearance, and her awkwardness...but then she started to sing...and every single person in that theatre, and around the country (including myself) sat up in our chairs, and we were utterly transfixed to what was in front of us. She had the most amazing actually brought me to tears...seriously! I couldn't believe how good her voice was....and that is what this bizarre show finds stars, who are hiding away in some god forsaken place called Blackburn...Scotland. 

This series has done exactly the same thing, in throwing together the final two acts. I actually watched the one with Jonathon when he made his first appearance on the audition stage, and I remember thinking at the time...'This guy could be another Boyle' (in a nice way). Again the crowd in the theatre gasped at the obese creature that stood before them, not really knowing whether it was female or male. You could hear tittering and laughing from the inbred ticket holders, who obviously hadn't developed from junior school. Then Jonathon spoke, and yet more gasps were heard....mean while I'm sat at home, transfixed, waiting to be blown away by what he had to offer. The reason I knew there was something amazing on the way, was because we had been given an almighty sob story by Jonathon and his singing that always gives you an indication something amazing is about to happen.

The music started, and I was so blown away by what came out of that obese lads mouth, I don't think I blinked....he had one of the best opera voices I had ever was actually humbling to witness what was happening in front of me. Then the emotion kicks in, you think to yourself, this poor lad, who obviously has confidence issues has been given this talent...and you think to need to get used to standing ovations son...because your going to be getting a hell of alot more!

Rumour has it, that Cowell has already got plans for Jonathon....and that is why Cowell is one of the richest men on the planet...he knows that the lad is going to make him money...and he loves his money...and the ladies!

So back to the winner of tonight's show 'Ashlie & Pudsey'.....Cowell all the way through the current series has stressed that he would love a 'Dog Act' to win the show...because he's a fan of dog's.....(insert certain female's name here). He got his wish of course....and to be honest, if I had picked up the phone to vote, my vote would have been for Pudsey. Why I hear you cry...well, for one simple reason....every time I saw them perform on the show, I had a smile from ear to ear...and for some unknown reason I would cry with joy watching them.

It was something about the way Ashlie utterly adored Pudsey, to the point that you could see they had developed the kind of bond that most dog owners can only dream of. Whilst most dog owners are trying to get the family dog to stop eating the wives knickers...Ashlie has got Pudsey moon walking on stage, in front of thousands....on national telly!

I can't explain the inner joy it gave me to see how much they enjoyed each others company, it really made me cry with happiness...and that doesn't happen very often. I often cry at seeing people exude enjoyment...not sure why...I think it's got something to do with the fact that there isn't enough of it around!

So Ashlie and Pudsey have won Britain's got Talent for 2012...and why the hell not!?! There was alot of people on twitter earlier saying what the hell is going on with the world, when a dog wins a talent show.....well, consider this, you negative arse wipes...maybe all the people who voted for them, saw exactly what I saw...a bond that can't be broken...and long may it continue!

I wish them all the success in the world!

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