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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I'm Dying!

Ha! Not really, but I sure feel like death warmed up today. What is it about colds that completely stop men in their's pathetic! I can quite happily say this...because I am a bloke.

I was at my Mothers yesterday to help her celebrate her 21st Birthday again....(Happy Birthday if your reading this mum), and started to feel the cold taking hold then. On arriving home, things started to glands.....sicko's. Then the tingling feeling all over my body followed...that horrible feeling that if someone touched would hurt! Every nerve ending starts to shiver, and you know that the next few days are going to be hell!

Of course they aren't, you just feel utterly terrible...and it's all about the sympathy votes you can gain.

The main problem with feeling like this...runny nose....sore throat...and banging head ache, is that it's not very helpful for my line of work...doing Voice Overs...using my voice, which is now temporally screwed. 

I'm currently on 'Ibuprofen' and warm 'Ribena'....there are other vitamin packed drinks out there of course. I'm hoping that this virus, that has decided to investigate my body, sods off very soon, because I'm not ill very of course this has bothered me a tad!

Now, who do we point the finger at for infecting me.....well, I can think of two main of which is my long time good friend 'Spence', and 'Timbo' who I've become friends with through Rossendale Radio. Both of which have been ill the last few weeks...more so Spence....he seems to suffer with colds alot...?

We had a bit of a fancy dress bash over the weekend, celebrating the car crash that is Eurovision....and of course supporting the 'Hump'....who as we all know now, did extremely badly.....I mean, being beaten by Jedward once again in the points must hurt......England that is?!? It is all down to politics of course, and the rest of Europe hating us. I think if we had Robbie Williams or Elton John sing our Eurovision song, we'd still get stuffed. 

Anyway, at said party, alot of booze was consumed (mainly to help with watching Eurovision), and Spence was 'again' feeling a little under the my finger is well and truly pointing at him as the host for the dreaded virus, which now resides inside me.

Maybe I should call everyone to a meeting...Miss Marple stylie, and announce who the poisoner is......'I've gathered you all here, to reveal who has made me feel like a pathetic sniveling human being, who is finding it hard to even type this drivel'......'It was you Spence...wasn't it...with your long working hours, lack of sleep and studio germs'!.....'Take him away, lady dressed as a Disco Ball....and put him to bed....tuck him in, and make sure that he gets his full eight hours sleep'!

Either way, apologies to the next person that I no doubt will infect.....just hope it's not my mum....Happy Birthday...Love You.