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Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Dark Knight Raises Some Questions

Well let me start by apologising for not blogging for so long...I'm slack like that...I'll try and get my act in order.

So I finally got round to watching Batman : The Dark Knight Rises, I've been looking forward to watching the latest edition in the Bale trilogy, because I have thought that he has been a superb Batman...I'd even go as far as to say...better than Michael Keaton...I know, I know..he was the first to done the mask on the big budget screen (If you don't count Adam West in his tights).

Anyway, I lit the fire...turned all the lights off...switched the surround sound up to 11, and prepared to be amazed and enthralled....and to be honest...I was a little let down...woh there neddy...let down I hear you cry...yes...let down. Not massively, I was still covered in goose bumps during several sequences..and it still pushed all the right emotional it comes....there were some cavernous holes in the plot! One glaringly huge one...which they just brushed aside as if the movie watching, batman fans wouldn't spot it...or question it.

I of course refer to the small matter of Bruce Wayne finding his way back from the prison in Albania to Gotham.....? Now since watching the film I have done some snooping on the net and found a great little site explaining all the questions asked by frustrated movie watchers like is the link if you would like to know more :

The link above does explain alot, but whilst watching the movie I'm sure that I, along with alot of other saddo's shouted "How the hell did he get to Gotham..and get a whole new wardrobe"!?!

This wasn't the only thing that bothered me about the movie...what the heck was Bane's voice about???? I couldn't look at the character of Bane, without seeing in my minds eye...Cringer from He-man....Scooby-Doo....and Pete's Dragon! It was the weirdest voice choice I've heard in along time...don't get me wrong...I kind of liked the voice...but not for Bane...a muscle bound mad man! It would have suited an English gent character...from Oliver Twist maybe...or a deeper Alan Partridge.....Ah-Hah Batman!!

So...after feeling that both the main characters had rather odd voices...I came up with this....enjoy!