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Thursday, 10 May 2012

15 Days Later

So, the Avengers movie has hit the cinemas, and I still haven't managed to go and see it. 

I have been waiting..nay, chomping at the bit, to go and drink in all the glorious action on the big screen, but for one reason or another (mainly cash flow), I haven't bought the tickets.

'Looking forward to this movie' is an understatement...there are certain films that come along and I get a kind of Spidey Sense, telling me that I must see this movie. From the announcement of it happening, my inner child began to giggle insanely! 

It happened most recently with the latest 'Transformers' movie, even though I knew that Mr Bay would be filling it with hardly any script as didn't matter...mainly because Optimus Prime would be once again walking glorious CGI! To see him come to life in the first of Bay's outings was a shear delight...literally goose bumps all over me....and nearly a tear of utter joy!

I've had exactly the same feelings about this movie...allow me to explain a little further...remember when you were a child, and you asked your parents for a certain toy for Christmas? Then, on Christmas morning, you ran downstairs in your jimmy jams to see what Santa have left under the tree...all excited you rip open every prezzie, desperately searching for that one special toy! Then, you rip open one large box to reveal that certain item! You fill up with a warm fuzzy feeling...all over, and for that very brief moment, your life is complete. 

Well that is the feeling these kind of movies have given me, and seeing as these certain childhood emotions are very briefly felt...I need that buzz often...well as often as possible!

I remember as a child, watching all of the Avengers cartoon series, and often wondering why Iron Man's battery kept going flat....I always thought 'He can't be using Duracel'. Then as I grew up into adulthood, comic books and the movies turned my head. 

Each of the Avengers individual character films have had great elements, especially 'Iron Man' and 'Thor', both of which were superbly written and performed. Downey Jnr has been a total stroke of genius as Tony Stark, his wit and delivery is second to none.

I've read all the hype, and watched all the trailers.....and now of course, I know the movie is all I'd hoped it would be...but through third party reviews. You have no idea how much this drives me up the wall, that I can't just buy the tickets...for a viewing time specifically when there are no children / old people or chavs....sit in my half way up / middle of the screen, comfy seat...and drink it in...giggling insanely inside. 

That day will come soon....I hope......?