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Monday, 11 June 2012

An unexpected Suprise!

A few weeks ago we had a gathering which I talked about in a previous blog, concerning a party for Eurovision. You know, the one were someone infected me with the lurgy....ah that one!

Well I'm over the lurgy, and suddenly remembered that I hadn't told you about a wonderful surprise that one of our guests brought with them.

My partner EJ had organised the get together, and invited some of our old 107 The Bee listeners along. Now, as alot of you fellow radio presenters will know, you often get quite a few fans who are a bit on the odd side....or as we call them in the industry...'window lickers'........but you also get some positively delightful listeners as well. These are the people that are a pleasure to bump into whilst out and about...buying toilet roll in the local store.......the 'window lickers' not so much.

Anyway, one of the guests at our get together was the lovely Michelle, who had said in previous said local store....that she had something for me. So of course I was excited to see what it was, and when she arrived at our house she revealed all.......

After welcoming her into the house, she told me to shut my eyes...and hold out my hands.....normally this is weird at the best of times, even more so when it's a listener to your radio shows....god knows what they are going to put into your hands. As I held out my fingers, I felt something cold and hard in my hands....I opened my eyes, and the object you see above was in my grasp.

My response was something along the lines of...'f**k off'....said in a nice way....not in a, get out of my house way. I couldn't believe that she had first of all, found the item, and second saved it for so long, simply for the purpose of gifting it to me. I was flabbergasted to be honest. The item is a biscuit tin, in the shape of an old fashioned radio.....but with my radio nickname on the front.....AMAZING! It was just a lovely thing to be someone who listened to me on the is weird the effect you have on people who hear you on the wireless, you don't really realise the fact that what you say sticks with people.....I mean, I just said whatever spilled out of my brain most of the time. 

It's just lovely to know that she enjoyed my shows that much, that she went to the effort of getting that tin, and saving it for me........I'm still totally taken aback by that.

Thank you Michelle, it now takes pride of place with my other novelty radio's.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Too much time on their hands!

Now, I love to moan and whinge with the best of them....ask my other half....but it baffles me what some people complain about. To the point of actually contacting Ofcom, and placing an official complaint about the most minor of things....that could remove a perfectly brilliant advert...or even get someone the sack...just for coming up with something creative and off the wall!

Today, there has been a list released revealing 'The Top 10 most complained about Adverts', as logged by Ofcom. Every single one, as far as I can see...clever advertising!

The video above is a 2005 KFC commercial, which depicts office staff enjoying the food so much, that they are singing with their mouths full....not sure why it deserved to get as many as 1,671 complaints....non of which were upheld. I could understand if it was a 'Venkys' advert (Rovers Fan), but it wasn't...just clever advertising. Maybe alot of people thought they should eat with their mouths shut....which I agree with...but I wouldn't pick up the phone, or write a letter to make an official complaint!

In at number three in the Top 10 was an advert for Paddy Power, which received 1,313 official complaints.

I own a cat, and I love her dearly...but I think this advert is hilarious...clever use of humour to get the message across. Anyone with any sense can see that no animals were harmed in the making of this advert, and if any chav moron thugs decide to recreate the commercial...that's their twisted messed up head doing it...not the influence of a television advert!

It really pisses me off, the way that people blame television, film, computer games and music for the actions of some individuals. You have to have a serious screw loose, and major mental problems to carry out criminal offences..then blame a CD that you listened to...or a video game that was so realistic that it made you think...yeah...I'll go and kill a load of people because the game told me to....jeez...get the straight jacket ready...because your a mental!!

During my career on the radio, I have managed to clock up one official Ofcom complaint...which is pretty good going with some of stuff that has spilled out of my gob! My complaint was for taking the piss out of the Conservatives, by ringing the HQ and trying to apply for William Hague's job when he resigned. Some devout blue in the local area took offence, and contacted Ofcom directly because they thought it was in bad was investigated.....then Ofcom said they weren't taking it any further because they didn't see a problem with it, after hearing the audio. 

There are so much more important things in this world worthy of spending the time and effort complaining about, than some of the shit, pointless things that seem to occupy peoples pathetic little lives!

Think about what you are about to complain about, before you pick up that phone...or that pen.........................or even that blog...........what do you know.....I'm complaining now....ha!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Shaken not Stirred!

We had the official release of the new Bond blockbuster trailer today....'Skyfall', with of course Daniel Craig in the lead role once again. 

It features all the tell tale signs, and indicators that should be in Bond movie...beautiful women....tailored chases......suave Bond.....and a mysterious baddie in the shadows....ooooo exciting!

Now, the Bond movies have been around for some time, and I've always been a fan of them....even with Timothy Dalton, but has the original charm gone from the silver screen version of our patriotic spy hero? 

At this point I have to admit that I preferred the humour aspect provided by Roger Moore, and of course the legend Sean Connery. That element seems to have disappeared over the years, but Pierce Brosnan was a welcome addition to the Bond family, bringing his comedy delivery and dashing good looks to the role. When I found out that Brosnan was moving aside for a younger Bond to take over, I was a little worried that the role would become a bit of a over egged pudding.....but I like the style and feel of Daniel Craig in the role. 

Going against the stereotype Bond....tall, dark and hansom.....Craig is stocky and blonde....shock horror....a blonde Bond! Although saying that, they do seem to have toned down his hair colour for this new film. Since the introduction of Craig to Bond, the films style has changed dramatically as well...going darker and more gritty...this not a bad thing in my books. I always thought the original movies were always a little too technicolour....but then, that was the style back then. It just always seemed wrong for it to be so colourful, when there was so much death around....I mean, Bond did bump off quite alot of people didn't he.....all deserving of it of course. Hence the fact that Bond has had to move with the times, and most movies recently have gone dark.....again, I like this feel. If you were a trained killer, you wouldn't ideally be running around in broad'd be hiding in the shadows....tightly holding your Walther PPK, waiting for that perfect moment to take out your target.....I imagine.

The one thing that has disappeared from the recent movies, are the over the top secret hide aways.....and where are the shark tanks that we all used to know and love....waiting for that informant to stand in just the right place, so the button could be pressed and he becomes fish food.

Two things that have stayed with all the that Bond is always cool as a cucumber straight from the fridge....and the beautiful ladies that simply flock to be near him. Boy oh boy there's been some absolute stunners hasn't there!?! I've always wondered if even Bond has had one too many Martinis...shaken not stirred....and woken up the next morning with a swamp donkey....or do you think that simply wouldn't happen, because it's Bond, and he wouldn't lower himself to that old saying 'It's ten to'll do'!

As you can probably tell, I am a tad jealous of the lifestyle that Bond gets to have....not the shooting, strangling, stabbing, running over, punching, kicking, biting, gouging, head butting, nut grabbing, detonating, flame throwing, neck breaking, parachuting.....actually come to think of it, I am incredibly jealous of everything the character is able to fast expensive cars, have any beautiful lady he desires, shoot a man from a mile away, kill someone with his little finger....and be able to walk out of the ocean wearing boxing trunks without ladies laughing at how small my manhood is.....hung like a pigmy shrew.

So the new super cool Bond film 'Skyfall' is out 26th October 2012, put it in your diary, and between now and then...try to get as many cheesy Bond one liners into conversation as you can!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Derek gets Commissioned

It's a bit belated, but I felt as though I should write something about Ricky Gervais's show 'Derek' getting commissioned by Channel 4.

I love everything that Gervais has done...even 'Life's Too Short', which let's face it, wasn't his best. It still had moments of brilliance though, that had me in stitches...falling out of his car...sleeping in the drawer...genius!

Derek is Gervais back to his best, the writing, the acting, the emotion...and the humour is bang on the money. 

I remember watching it and going through so many emotions, it is what great British telly is all about. If a program can take you on a roller coaster of emotion, make you cry and laugh at the same time...then as far as I'm concerned, it has ticked all the boxes.

I love how Gervais has once again managed to suck me into this world of Derek's.

The fact that Karl Pilkington is in the series as well, is a huge bonus as far as I'm concerned. The fact that Gervais has given the world Pilkington, is reason enough to give him a Knighthood! Idiot Abroad is one of the funniest shows ever conceived, and I cant wait for Karl and Warwick Davies new show to appear on my magic picture box. Karl just has a knack of making me smile from ear to ear, with his god given talent of producing natural it!

Derek on the other hand does something entirely different...ok, it still has elements that made the Office and Extras such great shows, but it has so much more emotion in it. The fact that it is set in an old folks home instantly makes you attached to what is happening on screen...everyone has grand parents, and everyone fears growing old and ending up in one of those places.

Gervais portrays the character Derek so well, instantly you find him adorable..because he is so nice and his own special way. The attachment he has to the people in the home is heart wrenching, and quite difficult to watch at times.

I found it to be even more difficult to watch because I, like so many, have lost grandparents, and when I see things that remind me of them..I usually get very emotional. The scene where Derek is told that Joan has passed away really hit home, not just because I had sat with my Grandmother on her last day..but because of Gervais's portrayal of the emotions you go through, when someone you love passes away.

He truly is a great writer, producer, performer and comedian, and I really think we should thank him for being in our lives..and for what he has given us...the gift of laughter, and I for one can't wait for Derek the series to start!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

15 Days Later

So, the Avengers movie has hit the cinemas, and I still haven't managed to go and see it. 

I have been waiting..nay, chomping at the bit, to go and drink in all the glorious action on the big screen, but for one reason or another (mainly cash flow), I haven't bought the tickets.

'Looking forward to this movie' is an understatement...there are certain films that come along and I get a kind of Spidey Sense, telling me that I must see this movie. From the announcement of it happening, my inner child began to giggle insanely! 

It happened most recently with the latest 'Transformers' movie, even though I knew that Mr Bay would be filling it with hardly any script as didn't matter...mainly because Optimus Prime would be once again walking glorious CGI! To see him come to life in the first of Bay's outings was a shear delight...literally goose bumps all over me....and nearly a tear of utter joy!

I've had exactly the same feelings about this movie...allow me to explain a little further...remember when you were a child, and you asked your parents for a certain toy for Christmas? Then, on Christmas morning, you ran downstairs in your jimmy jams to see what Santa have left under the tree...all excited you rip open every prezzie, desperately searching for that one special toy! Then, you rip open one large box to reveal that certain item! You fill up with a warm fuzzy feeling...all over, and for that very brief moment, your life is complete. 

Well that is the feeling these kind of movies have given me, and seeing as these certain childhood emotions are very briefly felt...I need that buzz often...well as often as possible!

I remember as a child, watching all of the Avengers cartoon series, and often wondering why Iron Man's battery kept going flat....I always thought 'He can't be using Duracel'. Then as I grew up into adulthood, comic books and the movies turned my head. 

Each of the Avengers individual character films have had great elements, especially 'Iron Man' and 'Thor', both of which were superbly written and performed. Downey Jnr has been a total stroke of genius as Tony Stark, his wit and delivery is second to none.

I've read all the hype, and watched all the trailers.....and now of course, I know the movie is all I'd hoped it would be...but through third party reviews. You have no idea how much this drives me up the wall, that I can't just buy the tickets...for a viewing time specifically when there are no children / old people or chavs....sit in my half way up / middle of the screen, comfy seat...and drink it in...giggling insanely inside. 

That day will come soon....I hope......?