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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Too much time on their hands!

Now, I love to moan and whinge with the best of them....ask my other half....but it baffles me what some people complain about. To the point of actually contacting Ofcom, and placing an official complaint about the most minor of things....that could remove a perfectly brilliant advert...or even get someone the sack...just for coming up with something creative and off the wall!

Today, there has been a list released revealing 'The Top 10 most complained about Adverts', as logged by Ofcom. Every single one, as far as I can see...clever advertising!

The video above is a 2005 KFC commercial, which depicts office staff enjoying the food so much, that they are singing with their mouths full....not sure why it deserved to get as many as 1,671 complaints....non of which were upheld. I could understand if it was a 'Venkys' advert (Rovers Fan), but it wasn't...just clever advertising. Maybe alot of people thought they should eat with their mouths shut....which I agree with...but I wouldn't pick up the phone, or write a letter to make an official complaint!

In at number three in the Top 10 was an advert for Paddy Power, which received 1,313 official complaints.

I own a cat, and I love her dearly...but I think this advert is hilarious...clever use of humour to get the message across. Anyone with any sense can see that no animals were harmed in the making of this advert, and if any chav moron thugs decide to recreate the commercial...that's their twisted messed up head doing it...not the influence of a television advert!

It really pisses me off, the way that people blame television, film, computer games and music for the actions of some individuals. You have to have a serious screw loose, and major mental problems to carry out criminal offences..then blame a CD that you listened to...or a video game that was so realistic that it made you think...yeah...I'll go and kill a load of people because the game told me to....jeez...get the straight jacket ready...because your a mental!!

During my career on the radio, I have managed to clock up one official Ofcom complaint...which is pretty good going with some of stuff that has spilled out of my gob! My complaint was for taking the piss out of the Conservatives, by ringing the HQ and trying to apply for William Hague's job when he resigned. Some devout blue in the local area took offence, and contacted Ofcom directly because they thought it was in bad was investigated.....then Ofcom said they weren't taking it any further because they didn't see a problem with it, after hearing the audio. 

There are so much more important things in this world worthy of spending the time and effort complaining about, than some of the shit, pointless things that seem to occupy peoples pathetic little lives!

Think about what you are about to complain about, before you pick up that phone...or that pen.........................or even that blog...........what do you know.....I'm complaining now....ha!